New Stuff KT Designs is Offering. Jumpstart your Business!

We are now offering some new idea’s up to jumpstart your business!

SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT: consists of the following.

1. We will write a review on our website. highlighting your business, posting up to 10 pictures of your products or logo.
Maybe you’d like to put a happy customers photo and testimony! This will be published and posted to over 900 fans.

2. 1 month of advertising.

We will tag your business and give shoutouts for 3 times once a day. to let fans know about you!

Price: $15


May $20 Logo month.

For the whole month of May KT Designs will be discounting our logos to $20!

Jumpstart your business! catch people’s eyes. Show the professional style of your business with a logo.

Price: $20


Button with Code.

Get you a blog or website button. for just $5. We can costume design one for you. or resize your logo.
giving you a special code to put on your website. that way people can take the code (a separate on then the one you will be given.) So they can share their support on their blog or website!

Price: $5


April 30th 2011 – May 4th $6 advertising.

for $6 you can get 30 days of advertising on our website here.
By advertising with us. You will be taking another step to better your business. Getting your name out there. Making more money.

Price: $6




Just wanted to give a HUGE!!!!!! thank you for making this a WONDERFUL auction and giveaway! that was so fun for EVERYONE!

“Love” KT


New Designs Made.

Hey everyone check out the blogs that I have designed over the last few days.

If you scroll over our stuff we have done.

You will find that I updated the White Roses blog for Miss Sarah. (This time we were both very pleased with the turn out.)

If you’d like your blog or website done, You know where to find me.


New Website.

Feel free to check out our pages.